History Topics: The United States Constitution

I have just completed a new resources page for the United States Constitution. I have taken all the resources from the unit the Launching of a New Constitution, and simply listed them without the lesson plans or reference to them. Additionally, I have embedded appropriate Schoolhouse Rock videos on the page. Many users have asked for the resources to be presented in this format.

Updated: The Launching of a New Constitution

I updated The Launching of a New Constitution Appendix links. I added a link to a PDF copy of the Declaration of Independence that I have on my server, which is from the National Archives. Additionally, I added a link to the Bill of Rights and to Amendments 11-27. Furthermore, I changed the Constitution link from the United States Constitution on-line to one at the National Archives. Finally, I updated the Teaching Resources document of the Constitution Question Sheets to reflect the above changes.

I have linked to the United States Constitution online for many years, and it is still a good source. However, it is no longer one that I feel comfortable using in the classroom; it has too many ads now.


The links from the National Archives are more appropriate. If anyone would like to use the Constitution Question Sheets or the unit The Launching of a New Constitution just send me a request by email.

Declaration of Independence Worksheet

I finally finished a worksheet for the Declaration of Independence. It’s been on the back burner so long that I forget when I started it. My goal is to provide a portfolio of quality social studies teaching resources for school districts, teachers, and those that are homeschooling students.

The Declaration of Independence worksheet is in two formats. A classroom format that students can fill-in by hand, and a lab format that students can fill-in using Microsoft Word. The lab or form version does not work in Word on-line, if anyone is interested in that copy email me a request and I will provide the file.