I have lost count of how many attempts I have made at maintaining a blog for my site. On the one hand, I’m not even sure blog is necessary. On the other hand, there should be a place for smaller bits of content, pictures and travel journal entries. I have tried other hosting platforms, and I have found them lacking in one form or another. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to try a new host. Please comment, like, and share.


The Keegan Blog is work of John Keegan. The views expressed herein are those of John Keegan and do not necessarily reflect those of any organization that John Keegan is presently working for, or has worked for in the past. As such those organizations except no responsibility for the functioning or content of the blog.

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  1. There was a time that, when if you Googled – John Keegan – you only found one. He was the British Historian and Author. He died in 2012 but I still have his book “The First World War” on our coffee table. I have been known to claim authorship, but only in the presence of people who watch TV and don’t read.
    I Googled “us” again and came across your goodself. I author a blog for our Village (I’m 77 with loads of time on my hands) and have authored our Village Website since 2004.
    I can’t tell from your Blog, where you are but suspect from the reference to boardwalk that in may be the US. I spent a lot of time there and nearly bought a house in Kansas City (not the teetotal part).
    Anyway. When you have some time on your hands check out our Village Blog at: http://www.whittingtonvillage.org.uk/blog/
    On our Website at: http://www.whittingtonvillage.org.uk/blog/ you will also find photo’s taken by our Rector and the beginning of the 20th Century (he was a motorbike and photography nutcase).
    I know this is all irrelevant but I just thought I would touch base.


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