Trouble with Dynamic Web Template

Back in July, I changed web design programs from Expression Web to Dreamweaver Creative Cloud. As a result, I had to recode the dynamic web template that I based the majority of my site on. At the end of every year the copyright has to be updated. 2016 has to be changed to 2017. That process should be a simple matter of updating the template, saving the changes, and the program should update the pages that use the template automatically.

I have updated the main template and save the changes, and I thought the program updated the pages that use the template. However, some pages updated and some pages did not, and I have no idea why. This problem is slowing the responsive design update.

Comcast take my money and leave me alone!

Not a very pleasant way to start off the new year, I had to deal with Comcast. To avoid paying $82 a month just for Internet, and I had to get a cable TV Internet bundle for $62 a month that includes taxes and fees. Not only do I have to pay for content that I am never going to see, but I have to store a cable box that I am never going to use.

Why can’t Comcast just allow me to pay for the bundle without having a cable box and leave me alone?