Change Log March 10, 2021-June 22, 2021

Fixed problem in HTML code on Author’s Note page in The Launching of a New Constitution Unit.

Added the link to Change Log blog post to home page.

Added new posts folder and new article Lookbrew Scam.

The article was originally going to be a blog post, but I could not format it the way I wanted it on the blog; so I put it on the website instead. I did, however, post a video discussion on the blog.

Put index page in all new folders.

I add index pages to folders so that users cannot see the folders contents.

Added Lookbrew links to the home page.

Corrected typos on home page.

Updated links on Forensic Science Links page. Additionally, added new link at the request of a user.

Completed updating links on Forensic Science Links page. All links are active.

Updated links on the Sherlock Holmes Links page and on the Sherlock Holmes Links Notes page. All links are active.

My Sherlock Holmes pages are the hardest keep up to date with good links there are so few out there, which makes me even more dependent on the Wayback Machine. The notes page was one of my first attempts at using footnotes in a webpage. Now, I use them as a matter of course, and footnotes should be used more than they are on the web.

Changed PowerPoint presentations links to lecture links in the unit the Launching of a New Constitution on the Contents page, in the Legislative Branch Lesson Plan,
and the Lesson Plan on the Remaining Articles.

I came up with the idea of doing lectures during the pandemic. When I, like many others, had a lot of time on my hands. I found that making videos and uploading them to YouTube was easier than producing an audio-only podcast. Additionally, it allowed me to present the material the way it should be presented. A complete list of lectures is available at my Document Archive of educational material

Updated link in the unit the Launching of a New Constitution on the Contents page Appendix section to a transcript of the Constitution from the National Archives.

Change Log December 16, 2020-June 29, 2021

Create a new directory resources. Moved Documenting Sources for a Research Paper page to resources directory, and created index page for the directory as well as a CSS file.

Completed updating navigation with link to Research page to all pages. Additionally, updated copyright year on all pages. Also, continued work on Evaluating Web Sources page.

Updating the navigation menu with a long process because I use Visual Studio code, which does not recognize dynamic web templates. So, each page has to be updated individually. I use Visual Studio code because it ‘s free and dynamic web templates are the only feature it lacks.

Created new source page McCarthy Executive Sessions. Additionally, created lecture page for Evaluating Web Sources. Furthermore, replaced embedded video with image and link on Civil War page.

I add source pages because URLs change, sites go down, and in the case of public documents; it’s easier to host them on a site I control. Additionally, most URLs are too long to place in a footnote on small screen devices; not to mention a PDF or a Word document. As I demonstrated in an earlier post. Furthermore, a website that cites source material has more credibility.

Created source page for article Internet Platforms, User Rights, and Section 230.

Completed page for lecture: thenLost Cause and Modern Memory. Additionally, added links to the page on the Civil War page and the lectures index page.

Added How a Bill Becomes a Law lecture page. Additionally, added a link to the lecture on lecture index page.

Added Amending The Constitution lecture page. Additionally, add links and embedded video on the Constitution page for How a Bill Becomes a Law and Amending The Constitution.

Fixed typo in link to Duck and Cover essay. Additionally, added margins and display block to cite tag in CSS.

Fix typos in navigation links on Duck and Cover page.

Created lecture page explaining Presidential Veto Power. Additionally, added link to the lecture to lecture index page and imbedded Youtube video and added links to lecture page and questions to the Constitution page.

Changed color of hyperlink text on Word War II page.