Change Log July 1, 2021—August 22, 2021

Added two articles to site check list templates Lookbrew Scam and Internet Platforms, User Rights, and Section 230.

While not part of Change Log, the list templates are used track of changes made to the site as a whole such as changing the copyright year on every page, which has to be done manually since switching to Visual Studio code.

Added links to blog posts Confederate Monument Removal, and Change Logs, and to home page.

Changed out regular quotes for smart quotes in the entire article Genetic Dragnet Constitutional?

One of my earliest articles, published in 1998, I am still finding typos and other things that need to be fixed in it. As I explained in an earlier post, content maintenance is a continuous process even for articles that have no external hyperlinks.

Updated links on The Prisoner page. Additionally, centered the audio element.

Updated links on Star Trek page. Additionally, added video trailer for Star Trek: Picard Season 2.

It is extremely difficult find placement links for Star Trek content, which makes the Wayback machine very important.

All links work on Doctor Who Links page. Nothing needs to be done.

This was a unique experience. Coming across a page in a maintenance cycle where nothing needs to be done.

Updated Education Links page. Removed dead links and added new ones.

Added links to updated pages to updates section of the home page.

Updated links to Rodger Ebert interviews of Groucho, and Rodger Ebert homepage on
Groucho Marx: The Writer page. Additionally, added a review of the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup.

Changed link to John H Watson MD to a link from the Wayback machine on The
Secret of Sherlock Holmes page. While the original URL still leads to a page, the entire website has been taken down and appears to be under construction or major update.

Updated the Why Audio link, an episode of the Keegan Podcast, on the home page because it wasn’t functioning properly.

Changed Web of Fear bookmark Season 5 of the Doctor Who Guide to the complete URL with bookmark because the bookmark was not functioning properly.

Corrected in end note 11 on page Internet Platforms, User rights, and Section 230 because of typo in URL. Additionally, added link to blog post Running Websites and The Second Law of Thermodynamics to the home page.

Added link to article Groucho Marx: The Writer to the home page because links were added and updated several weeks ago.

Added link to post MyPollow Cyber Symposium to the home page.