Nixon Impeachment Coverage



Several months ago, I discovered that the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings were posted on the American Archive of Public Television website out of sequence. After many months of work I have, I believe, placed them in the proper order. Additionally, the video does not work on iOS; nor is the link to the May 9. 1974, transcript available to the general public. The link given is to the academic archive which requires access to a university library.

The project started by linking the video with page numbers in the transcript, a link to which was provided on the website. Some segments were mislabeled and some segments were listed under the wrong date. For example, the video segments for July 25, 1974 were listed under July 30, 1974 on the website. Simplest way to deal with the problem was to construct viewing order tables putting each segment in the correct sequence under the right date. Unfortunately, project took too long to complete and the Archive discovered and corrected the problem without any help from me. Nevertheless, the viewing order that follows is still useful because it references the beginning speaker and page number of the transcript for each segment, which the Archive website does not.

Viewing Order

Marriott Phone Scam


On February 9, 2019, I received a robo-call from the group claiming to represent the Marriott corporation. Apparently, I had won something. Clearly this was another scam. The phone number on the caller ID was +1 (215) 589-6715‬. I call the number back immediately, and the voicemail gave the name of Jean-Luc Picard, which confirmed my conclusion; no confirmation was needed. I called the number back today to see if it is still functioning and it is, but with a different message.

The interesting twist is they want the caller’s complete address and phone number in order to be put on there do not call list. I spoke with Marriott International customer service and they assure me that at no time will Marriott call any one and ask for their personal information. Additionally, the voicemail is just a string of common business voicemail phrases until the end when they ask you for your personal information.

Senate Watergate Video Now Available on iOS


John Dean testifying June 27, 1973

An earlier post discussed the monumental and important work done by the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB)—putting the Senate Watergate Hearings and the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings online. At that time, the collection had some issues:

There are some technical issues with the repository. None of the videos can be embedded into a website, and only the first week’s videos can be played on an iOS device. Hopefully, it is a minor glitch with a website or the operating system that AAPB and/or Apple will eventually fix. However, all the videos run well on Windows 10.
Watergate Hearings Online

Recently, the above problem has been solved. All of the Senate Watergate Hearings can be viewed on an iOS device. The Judiciary Committee Impeachment proceedings still can only be viewed on Windows 10. Hopefully, that will be fixed soon. In addition to the problem of the Impeachment videos being out of sequence. A corrected sequence will be posted here in the future.