Eric Clapton, After Midnight, and Amazon Music


I have an Amazon music subscription. I listened to a lot of radio when I was a kid; I had a radio show in college, so I have a good number of song titles in my head. I’ve been listening to a lot of Eric Clapton lately, and why not? There’s a particular version of After Midnight that I like. It’s the 1988 version used in the Michelob commercial. It is also on Disc Number 4 of his Crossroads Box Set (it is listed as After Midnight) not a terribly useful title when you’re trying to distinguish it from the original cover version. All I can play on the Amazon Echo is the original cover version. There is no way for me to verbally distinguish between the two versions. I have tried (1988 version of After Midnight), (extended version of After Midnight), and (After Midnight from the Michelob commercial) Any suggestions? I suppose there is a bright side, the problem does force me to continue to use my iPod.

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